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TV Series: Law and Order: Criminal Intent – F.P.S.

On tonight's episode of Law and Order, Criminal Intent, after getting the report on the statements from murder suspects from his two detectives, Capt. James Deakins says:

“This one knows about the money and not the tickets, this one knows about the tickets and not the money. These clowns can't keep their stories straight“.

Referring to the 2 murder suspects as “clowns”.

Episode: F.P.S
Air date: 1/4/2004
Show summary:
While probing the strangling death of a young gamer, detectives question computer-game creators under pressure to deliver a violent sequel.


Music: Juvenile – 400 Degreez

In the rap album, 400 Degreez by Juvenile, the rapper, Juvenile, released a single called, “HA”.

Juvenile really took a step away from the norm by having a music video sans beautiful models and actors and flashy cars, choosing to keep it real with actual people from his neighborhood.

This particular song was also notable because of it's unique lyrical styling. EVERY line in the lyrics ends with the word, HA. It sounds weird, but Juvenile really pulled it off, making what may turn out to be an interesting mark in poetry history.

The radio edited version of HA had these great anti-clown lyrics (source: Leo's Lyrics Database):

Some of your partners dope fiends ha
You don't want to really mess with them clowns ha
You come up with them clowns ha
You stuck with them clowns ha

You can get the 400 Degreez album by Juvenile here. You may remember Juvenile from hit singles like “Back that Thing Up” and the single that created the slang term of the same name: “Bling Bling”.

Music: Hey Now – The Last Poets Music from the Right On Soundtrack

The Last Poets (Right On! 1970 Film)

This album is a jazzoetry (jazz and poetry fusion) classic that can be seen as the roots of modern day rap and hip hop music.

You can hear samples from this album in classic hip hop records from 1985 and on.

On track called, “Hey Now“, has a particularly poignant anti-clown lyric as the second line to the poem (yes, even back in the 70's):

“Hey Now! Frenchman's coming down, HUH.
Hey Now! Fuckin' up the clowns, HUH.
Check out the rippin' tar,
Jackin' up the laws NOW.”

Release Date: 19 September, 1991
Media: Audio CD
Manufacturer: Collectables

TV Series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer – First Season – Episode 110 – Nightmares

Buffy the Vampire – Episode 110: Nightmares

In this episode, one of the main characters, Xander,  comes face to face with his worst fear, clowns.

The maniacal clown lay a trap of candy bars on the floor, which Xander followed. The clown then jumped out with a knife and tried to kill him.

Apparently, the character Xander had a bad experience with a clown when he was six.

First Aired: May 12, 1997 
Story by: Joss Whedon
Teleplay by: David Greenwalt
Directed by: Bruce Seth Green 
Guest Stars: Mark Metcalf as The Master, Kristine Sutherland as Joyce Summers, Andrew J. Ferchland as The Anointed One, Dean Butler as Hank Summers

Video Game: Twisted Metal: Black – Sweet Tooth

On the Playstation 2 (PS2) console, there is this game series called Twisted Metal. One of the main characters of the game is an evil clown called Sweet Tooth.

He is this murderous clown that rides around in an ice cream truck. Crazy stuff.

You can check out the Twisted Metal Black game here.

The game came out in 2001produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. They also came out with Twisted Metal 2, which seems to have a bit more acclaim than the Black version of the game.


TV Show: 2001 MTV2 How to Live Large Special

I caught a rerun episode of an MTV2 show called “How to Live Large” (first aired on 5/5/2001) that featured a bunch of rappers talking about how to be a “player” and a “pimp”.

During the middle of the show, the narrartor says (when talking about “player haters”):

“And the hate don't discriminate. Clowns will hate on anyone that's doing it, male or female”.

Even media mogul MTV writes scripts that talk about clowns in a negative light.

scary or relaunched – Am I A Scary Clown or Not

After many months and many requests, the Am I A Scary Clown Or Not website has relaunched!

Warning…scary clown pictures at this link:

Am I A Scary Clown or Not is designed to be a fun way to show scary clown pictures and/or vote your opinion of pictures submitted by users of the website.

For those folks that love to be scared by clowns, this is the site for you. For the extremely coulrophobic, you may want to stay away: