added to email lineup

I’ve finally completed the addition of (the official name for the fear of clowns) to the anti-clown email lineup.

That means that EVERY name is available and you can now be:

steve @

instead of sm3484_zzz @


happygirl @

instead of happy_girl7553042 @

Sound cool? Grab your new email address today!

Only $4.95 per year:

i hate mimes stickers added!

Thanks to our cool sticker supplier, we now have i hate stickers for you to stick on your school folder, car, laptop, or locker.

These professionally printed vinyl stickers are only $1 which includes shipping to anywhere in the world!

Get yours today

Kids and Infant T-Shirts Added!

Kids and babies hate clowns too. Get them the gift that will keep clowns away and well-meaning relatives from buying clowney type gifts :-)

Check out the newly launched items in our IHC CafePress store today:

Make sure your child is properly attired in the latest in anti-clown apparel.

I know mine will be (about 8…

lunchboxes, stickers and more, oh my!

I have to say, this is the best product that cafepress has allowed me to offer! I love old school, metal, retro lunchboxes. I’m working on starting a little gallery of my collection.

Now you can get some cool lunchboxes from Check them out:

I will also be adding neat, Euro Style oval stickers with funny…

email service notice

Currently the web based email service is down for maintenance.

We are purging all the “dead” accounts from the system to free up server space. Almost all of these dead accounts were still collecting junk mail and because of that, the server space taken up by the 30,000+ dead accounts was immense.

Once we have these inactive accounts deleted, the service should be even better than normal. The slow access or weird login errors should cease after we get this…

email service update

As many of you have noticed, the email service is *still* down for maintenance.

Rather than throw up a temporary solution, we are working on a long term solution for getting the service to a stable status.

We are considering yet another server move, to the servers of the developers of the software that powers the email. That way, they know the software and they know what it takes to make it run.

Another consideration is outsourcing the service yet again to a…

some happy ihateclowns news

On a happier note, it seems a nice fellow by the name of William Porter from the Denver Post wrote a nice article about Thanks William! Read the article here:,1413,36%257E45%257E924675%257E,00.html

To celebrate, I’ve launched a limited edition retro lunchbox in the anti-clown superstore! Dig…