there are no nice clowns

I'm pretty sure my next t-shirt will come from the quote I read in the forums:

“there are no nice clowns…just clowns with agendas”

That sums up so much with so few words.

clowns invade BART train

From this article:

“The clowns, all members of a group called Clownarchy, boarded a westbound BART train at San Francisco's Embarcadero Station and rode to 16th Street. On the way, they passed out flyers urging non-clowns to put on a nose and join the troupe for a Million Clown March on Washington in October.

Passengers seemed amused, puzzled, overjoyed or bored by the display. Somewhere below Market Street, Ellie Kim, a student at the Boalt Hall School of Law, was trying to read a legal text while several clowns juggled around her.

One-year-old Hazel Praught cried when she saw the deluge of clowns. Her mom, Michelle, said she hoped her daughter was not scarred for life.

One clown is scary enough,'' she said.

That last line says it all :)