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Here’s a couple of ways you can get free stickers from
Send us a Postcard .

That’s it. Be the first in your State, or Country to send us a postcard and we’ll send you a free sticker from We are going to be keeping a map tally of where in the world clown haters originate (basically everywhere!)Send us a real picture postcard from where you are in the world and if you are the first from your state (in the US) or country (around the world) to send us a postcard, we’ll send you a free sticker. Be sure to include your name, age, mailing address and email address so we can mail out your free sticker to you. You must send an actual postcard to be eligible for the free sticker off. No envelopes, self addressed stamped envelopes, electronic postcards, or letters will be accepted. Just cool postcards :-)

Mail Postcard
To: stickers c/o Circle R
3104 O Street, Suite 316
Sacramento, CA 95816