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Clown Invaders – another great shockwave enabled game that plays like the old school “space invaders” game. Top 10 high scores kept on record…

play clown invaders

Clown Pong – the arcade classic turned “anti-clown”. Play against an evil clown (paddle) and see if you can get the high score.

play clown pong

Shoot the Clowns – one more shockwave/flash5 enabled game that allows you to take out your flustration on some shifty looking clowns. Splat them if you can…

play shoot the clowns

Punch-A-Clown – shockwave/flash4 enabled game that allows you to punch away at a sweaty clown. Can you get the high score?

play punch the clown

Slap a Clown – Ok, this is not really a “game”, but it sure is fun! Slap around this annoying clown character and release some of that negative energy.

slap a clown

Slap a Mime – another “game” that’s not a game. Everyone hates a mime. This one is especially annonying, give it a good slap.

slap a mime

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