my story

How it all Started

These are the original areas of the site that I started with when I began The No Clown Zone back in 1996.

Some of you may remember the progression and evolution of the site from a humble homepage at, to my own server at my t-shirt company, to The No Clown Zone’s final, rightful home at: What could be a better domain name for the “official” site for people who are afraid of, or just plain hate, clowns?

Just because this is our final home, doesn’t mean The No Clown Zone will stop growing; just the opposite, we now have more room to grow!

Read where the term Caulrophobia (the fear of clowns -more commonly known as clownophobia or clownaphobia) originated. Click here for the Phobia list. The fear of clowns was the most requested term not on the list.

Lastly, many people want to know why I really hate clowns. I wasn’t sure of the originals until recently, here’s my theory about why I really hate clowns.