anti-clown poems and haikus


Clowns are Evil
a haiku by Eric “Puffer” Walli

Laughing all the time
We know what their problem is
They’re on crack or shroomsI.Q. equals nil
Wonder what their mothers think
Dropped ’em on their heads
They’re at shopping malls
A bunch are in the circus
Most of ’em smoke dope
They flunked out of school
Never had any friends there
Clowns are messed big time
Clowns mess up our kids
And anger all their parents
Clowns are evil things

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Clowns are Evil — Part 2
a haiku by Eric “Puffer” Walli

A great “B” movie
Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Proves that clowns do kill

Yes, they have a god
There is but one religion
Clowns worship satan

Clowns are circus freaks
Who frighten little children
Parents hate ’em, too

Nobody likes clowns
Circuses don’t pay ’em much
They work for Jim Bean

Where to send the clowns?
Clowns could populate Pluto
Throw them in black holes

How to kill the clowns?
I suggest a flamethrower
Burn ’em to a crisp

Clowns are in disguise
Although you may not see it
Barney is a clown

There is proof enough
He makes stupid children laugh
Everyone’s the same

Why do clowns exist?
That’s like asking things such as
“You fell off the floor?”

No more frickin’ clowns
Should mess up our children’s minds
Blow ’em all to hell