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What are the Blogs all about?

What is a weblog? Put simply, a weblog (often called a blog) is a type of
online diary. That being said, blogging has evolved making it difficult
to fix a static definition on it. Blogging is a freeform, organic collaboration
of ideas and information consisting of stories, journals, photo albums,
opinions, artwork, portfolios, etc.
are powered by Tucows Blogware, the next generation of blog software.

Easy To Use

ihateclowns weblogs allows you to easily share pictures, video, links, stories,
opinions, newsletters on the internet with your friends, family and colleagues
via email, the web or your even your cellullar phone. Now, you can have a website
without being a webmaster. ihateclowns weblogs are simple. There is no HTML to
learn, no new software to download and install and best of all, no need to learn
how to use FTP, CGI or other confusing webmaster tools.

Cool Webnames to Choose From

Only at can you choose from the coolest anti-clown blognames
like: or yourname.CLOWNOPHOBIA.COM or and of course, yourname.IHATECLOWNS.NET.

Sample Blog

I dig the blogware powered weblogs so much, I
use it myself
! You can keep up with my current journal entries and post comments
and feedback about what you read!

Great Pricing

Some sites may ask you to pay over $10 a month for all the features you get with
an ihateclowns weblog. We offer a 30 Day Free Trial after which you can easily
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