2011 Marks the 15 Year Anniversary for ihateclowns.com!

2011 Marks the 15 Year Anniversary of ihateclowns.com

Can you believe that?

The No Clown Zone (originally located at members.aol.com/ihateclown and now proudly located at ihateclowns.com)  has been online for 15 YEARS in 2011! 15 years!

That’s older than Facebook and Twitter combined!

What started out as a little site I put together to share my dislike of clowns has turned into a worldwide community of people who have realized they are not alone in their fear or hatred of the grease-painted ones.

This calls for a celebration of some sort :)

So let me ask you, fellow clown hater. What do you suggest we do to celebrate this momentous occasion?

Please post your fun and creative suggestions here or on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ihateclowns

PS. If you haven’t seen them yet, we have a few cool new anti-clown items in our store including this cool keychain, a fashionable t-shirt, and one for the typography lovers in the house :)

IHC Vintage Fashion T-Shirt

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