Music: Hey Now – The Last Poets Music from the Right On Soundtrack

The Last Poets (Right On! 1970 Film)

This album is a jazzoetry (jazz and poetry fusion) classic that can be seen as the roots of modern day rap and hip hop music.

You can hear samples from this album in classic hip hop records from 1985 and on.

On track called, “Hey Now“, has a particularly poignant anti-clown lyric as the second line to the poem (yes, even back in the 70's):

“Hey Now! Frenchman's coming down, HUH.
Hey Now! Fuckin' up the clowns, HUH.
Check out the rippin' tar,
Jackin' up the laws NOW.”

Release Date: 19 September, 1991
Media: Audio CD
Manufacturer: Collectables