Music: Juvenile – 400 Degreez

In the rap album, 400 Degreez by Juvenile, the rapper, Juvenile, released a single called, “HA”.

Juvenile really took a step away from the norm by having a music video sans beautiful models and actors and flashy cars, choosing to keep it real with actual people from his neighborhood.

This particular song was also notable because of it's unique lyrical styling. EVERY line in the lyrics ends with the word, HA. It sounds weird, but Juvenile really pulled it off, making what may turn out to be an interesting mark in poetry history.

The radio edited version of HA had these great anti-clown lyrics (source: Leo's Lyrics Database):

Some of your partners dope fiends ha
You don't want to really mess with them clowns ha
You come up with them clowns ha
You stuck with them clowns ha

You can get the 400 Degreez album by Juvenile here. You may remember Juvenile from hit singles like “Back that Thing Up” and the single that created the slang term of the same name: “Bling Bling”.