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there are no nice clowns

I'm pretty sure my next t-shirt will come from the quote I read in the forums:

“there are no nice clowns…just clowns with agendas”

That sums up so much with so few words.

verisign does some REAL direct marketing

So I get this direct mail campaign from Versign in the mail today. 

No biggie, since I get junk direct mail all the time from various companies trying to sell me their wares.

This one stood out like a sore big toe. They must have really done their homework (or got lucky). It had a picture of a boxer beating up on a BOZO the Clown punching bag (see fig.1)!

Figure 1 (see the full envelope here)

Inside the mailpiece was more anti-clown marketing material.

This full color insert was even more blatant with its anti-clown rhetoric. Even suggesting that clowns don't mind being punched (see fig. 2)

Figure 2

I may not be the biggest fan of verisign (network solutions), but they sure got lucky with this campaign. I signed up right away! Who knows, I might find a better payment processor.

Either way…I want my free punching bag!



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