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The email service is now proudly run by the professional email providers

You can signup for our premium email service here:

Existing email users can login here:

Existing users email is now going to the new service. You can still…

add your photo to the gallery – get a free gift!

Here’s the deal:

We have a new photo gallery where you can add your personal photo.

If you add a recent photo of yourself, you get a free sticker!

If you have ever purchased a t-shirt, hoodie, jersey, or whatever from our anti-clown store(s) (like the one Email User notice! Important!

Ok, so my little experiment on taking over the email service and running all myself didn’t work out as planned.

I was in way over my head, the amount of email you guys use is overwhelming, and the bandwidth is trying to put me in the poor house.

So, I’ve turned it back over to the professionals.

Starting in a few days the email service will be hosted and run by

It will still remain a Fee-Based email service, since the amount of ads and junk that come with a free… email IS BACK!

Woo hoo! The email service is back and better than ever! Now we’ve moved to’s fast servers, the email is up, running, and blazing fast.

We are having some slight DNS issues that should be resolved by Tuesday at the latest, but you should be able to login and check your email just fine.

If you’re still having problems, just drop me a line:


new "i hate mimes" t-shirt, babydoll "can’t sleep, clowns will eat me" t-shirts and cool euro stickers

Check out all the new stuff!

click here for...
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reporter in Florida looking for people who hate or fear clowns

A reporter in Florida is working on a story about people who are afraid of, or just plain hate clowns.

If you are in the NorthEast Florida or Southeast Georgia area and you have an aversion to clowns, please contact Tanya P

email service ETA update

We hope to have the email service working again by Friday or this weekend.

We are switching server providers and we hope to have all the behind the scenes stuff done by Monday.