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Fear of Clowns (the movie!) now on Limited Edition DVD!

Fear of Clowns is new independent film about a female artist, Lynn Blodgett (played by actress Jacky Reres), who suffers from a lifelong fear of clowns, or “coulrophobia” as it’s more commonly known.

Although she has a morbid fear of them, she paints clowns, almost to the point of insanity. Lynn

email service notice

Currently the web based email service is down for maintenance.

We are purging all the “dead” accounts from the system to free up server space. Almost all of these dead accounts were still collecting junk mail and because of that, the server space taken up by the 30,000+ dead accounts was immense.

Once we have these inactive accounts deleted, the service should be even better than normal. The slow access or weird login errors should cease after we get this…

shopping cart fixed – t-shirts restocked

If you tried ordering from our i hate store within the past few days and got a “the order could not be processed because the host you are ordering from is blocked” message, this error has now been fixed.

We have also done a full restock of our most popular selling designs, so the size you want should be in stock!

Get free shipping on any t-shirt or sweatshirt order with the…