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i hate mimes stickers added!

Thanks to our cool sticker supplier, we now have i hate stickers for you to stick on your school folder, car, laptop, or locker.

These professionally printed vinyl stickers are only $1 which includes shipping to anywhere in the world!

Get yours today added to email lineup

I’ve finally completed the addition of (the official name for the fear of clowns) to the anti-clown email lineup.

That means that EVERY name is available and you can now be:

steve @

instead of sm3484_zzz @


happygirl @

instead of happy_girl7553042 @

Sound cool? Grab your new email address today!

Only $4.95 per year:

The BBC Wants to Talk to a Clown Hater outside the US

Do you fear or hate clowns and are located outside the United States?

Would you mind doing a quick phone interview with the BBC today or tomorrow (September 21 or 22)?

If so, please email [project finished] as soon as possible and I’ll put you in touch with Estelle from the BBC.