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Not only is it a maniacal tirade against clowns, in itself very entertaining, but you can play cool games like "Clown Space Invaders", "Clown Pong", "Splat the Clowns", "Punch the Clown" and more!

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grand theft auto san andreas (gtasa) creepy clown ice cream truck

So I was walking around Los Santos in the new Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game by Sony and I come across this ice cream truck with the dubious name “Mr. Whoopee” printed on the side.

The top of the ice cream truck is adorned with this phallic depiction of an ice cream cone sticking out between 2 round scoops of whip cream.

I decide to investigate this purveyor of ice cream a little more deeply and who do I find as the driver of the vehicle? A creepy, sneering clown!

Is this who you really want selling ice cream to your fictional, video game created kids? Does the video game world have NO values?

I quickly gave this video game clown “what for” and went about my business of being a good citizen of Los Santos.

(grove street represent!)

Larry Harmon stripped of Bozo title in Clown Hall of Fame

Larry Harmon, the self-titled creator of “Bozo” the clown was stripped of the title today by the Clown Hall of Fame. columnist, Buck Wolf, reported that Larry Harmon had been lying all these years when he claimed ownership of the character. Harmon has even gone so far as to trademark the BOZO character and go after websites who use “his” image.

The International Clown Hall of Fame will be taking action to correct the previous honoring of Larry Harmon, by removing his plaque from the wall.

From this breaking AP news story about Bozo:

“Kathryn O'Dell, the hall's executive director, said the hall was duped to believe Harmon created Bozo and didn't find out the truth until columnist and entertainment producer Buck Wolf reported Harmon was wrongly laying claim to the character.

“It was something that was hinted at and hinted at and we started to do research and sure enough the information we were getting from outside sources was true,” O'Dell said.

While Harmon popularized the character since the 1950s, Livingston and Colvig were first to develop it, she said.”

Turns out Vance “Pinto” Colvig was the first to play the character and Capitol Records executive Alan Livingston was the man who created the clown legend.

What a shady thing to do; but what would you really expect from a clown.

Spanky the clown arrested on porn charges

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Spanky, a clown with the renowned Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, has been arrested on charges stemming from a child pornography investigation, law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

From Terry Frieden
CNN Washington Bureau

Tuesday, May 25, 2004 Posted: 6:40 PM EDT (2240 GMT)

From the story:

“This man's profession as Spanky the clown brought him into contact with hundreds of families,” said agent Albert Fitchett Jr. in Wilmington, North Carolina.

“Behind the clown nose, however, this man appears to have been supporting an industry that trades in the exploitation of children.”

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